How to Add ESPN Fan Advisors Email to Your Approved Sender List

Because spam filters sometimes filter legitimate email, it is highly recommended that you add to your 'Approved or Safe Senders' list in your email program.

To ensure that your important email messages from ESPN Fan Advisors and survey alerts are not filtered into your Spam, Junk or Bulk Mail folder, follow the appropriate instructions below for adding us to your ‘Approved or Safe Senders’ list or white list.

Although we cannot guarantee that this method will always allow messages sent from ESPN Fan Advisors to bypass your filtering software, it does greatly increase the likelihood that you will receive our messages.

Most filtering programs allow users to select certain email addresses or domains ( to bypass the filtering software and always arrive in your email inbox. These email addresses or domains are generally added to a "friends," "contacts," “approved,” or "safe senders list."

Click here for specific instructions on how to add to common email platforms:

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